Rapid testing 75% of a city every 3 days could ‘pressure the epidemic toward extinction’ within 6 weeks, a new study claims

Rapid testing 75% of a city every 3 days could ‘pressure the epidemic toward extinction’ within 6 weeks, a new study claims

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Mass rapid-testing for COVID-19 — especially of these americans displaying no signs of an infection — could carry an discontinuance to the pandemic within six weeks, claims a new study by researchers at the Harvard TH Chan Faculty of Public Health and the University of Colorado Boulder.
Revealed November 20 in the peek-reviewed journal Science Advances, the study suggests that rapid tests, although less reliable, could allow public health authorities to depend on more targeted interventions, rather than financial system-huge lockdowns, if deployed on a massive scale.
Rapid tests are low-value and can return results in a matter of minutes, rather than the days associated with the lab variety. If half the US population have been examined weekly, with americans who test toddle isolating from the relaxation, the impact would be colossal, researchers said.
“Our large portray finding is that, when it involves public health, it be higher to have a less delicate test with results today than a more delicate test with results the next day,” Daniel Larremore, a laptop science professor at CU Boulder and lead author of the study, said Friday. “Rather than telling everyone to stay dwelling so that you can guarantee that that one individual that’s sick would no longer spread it, we could give only the contagious americans stay-at-dwelling orders so everyone else can crawl about their lives.”
According to the study, based on mathematical modeling, rapid-testing three-quarters of a city’s population every three days slashed the number of these ultimately infected by 88%, “adequate to pressure the epidemic toward extinction within six weeks.”
“These rapid tests are contagiousness tests,” Michael Mina, a professor of epidemiology at Harvard and coauthor of the study, said in a news release. “They are extraordinarily effective in detecting COVID-19 when americans are contagious.”
Increasing the availability of “cheap, rapid tests” is one of the key strategies below consideration by President-elect Joe Biden, Politico reported Friday.
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