Review: Chicken Police

Review: Chicken Police

Finger lickin’ correct.Chickens know issues. It be evident. They’ve that comprise in mind in their stare, the reasonably disdainful squint of someone who knows what you did and why you did it. They’d be perfect detectives, if not for the miniature obstacle of their incapacity to keep in touch in any meaningful technique. Fortuitously, builders The Wild Gents seen the chance of a poultry P.I. and like introduced us the enormously-named Chicken Police – Paint it RED!, a visible unusual with jog sport formulation that locations the noble gallus gallus at the very top of the pecking uncover.Taking situation in a noir-infused world of human-sized animals (not solely not like the hit “downhearted horse” Netflix sequence Bojack Horseman), right here’s a brilliantly-written and joyously effectively off fragment of narrative gaming, trafficking in laborious-edged detective noir tropes but with a marvellous sense of humour, solid characters and a mountainous sense of situation. It be an extraordinarily spectacular feat to defend conclude a worldwide like Clawville with supreme mostly-static and largely monochromatic imagery, voices and music, but the dirt, grime and scuzz has such verisimilitude that you are going to are looking out out for to place your Swap via the dishwasher after a Chicken Police session. (Crucial: Nintendo Lifestyles doesn’t recommend placing your Swap via the dishwasher)Read the fleshy article on


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